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10+ Best Online Free Spotify Playlist Downloader in 2024

author By Nicole L. Hald
Updated on: April 22, 2024
Category: Spotify Tips

Are you an avid Spotify user looking to download an entire playlist for offline listening no matter where you are? Look no further than some free-to-use websites that allow you to easily download and convert Spotify music to MP3 online.

Just read on and we have collected various free online Spotify downloaders that still work in 2024. The best part is, we will also recommend a reliable Spotify playlist downloader that could even support 10X faster download speed & 320kbps high-quality output.

Note: Free online Spotify downloaders often get your songs from YouTube videos, so the output quality is not guaranteed. It's a good idea to use the NoteBurner Spotify to MP3 320kbps Downloader mentioned later, for better audio quality.

free online spotify music converter

Recommend: Spotify Playlist Downloader (320kbps & 10X Faster)

Are you tired of the limitations of Spotify's music streaming service? Do you want to have the ability to download your favorite playlists onto your device at very high audio quality? Look no further than NoteBurner Spotify Playlist Downloader.

Not only does this NoteBurner software offer 320kbps audio download quality, but it also boasts a 10X faster download speed. More importantly, this NoteBurner tool provides 2 download ports - Spotify App & Spotify web player download mode, which is super to most other Spotify downloaders. It's easy to use and supports batch downloads, meaning you can get your entire Spotify playlist offline all at once. Compared to the online free Spotify downloader, NoteBurner provides a more stable, faster, and comprehensive performance.

main interface of noteburner spotify to mp3 converter
  • Download Spotify playlists from online web player or desktop app.
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF or ALAC.
  • Keep original 320kbps sound quality, original music order, ID3 tags.
  • Batch download Spotify playlists at 10X speed.
  • 1-Click to burn CD, edit ID3 tags, convert AA/AAX audiobook, etc.
  • Need regular updates to be compatible with Spotify.
  • Shareware, free version with limited features.

3 Quick Steps to Convert Spotify Playlist to MP3 via NoteBurner

Add Spotify Playlists

add Spotify songs to NoteBurner

Click the "+Add" icon on Spotify App or Webplayer to add playlists to NoteBurner.

Select Output Format

Set Output Format

On NoteBurner settings window, select MP3 output format and 320kbps bit rate.

Start Downloading Spotify Music 320kbps

start conversion

Click "Convert" to start downloading Spotify Music songs offline. After seconds, you will get local Spotify files.

streaming music recorder

Why need a Spotify playlist downloader online?

Using an online tool to download Spotify playlists can be really handy. You don't need a Spotify account or an extra app to make your Spotify playlists available offline with ease. Before choosing your tool, there are 2 questions you might be asking:

Can online Spotify playlist downloader work on Android or iPhone?

Yes. Online Spotify playlist downloaders can be used on both Android and iPhone. You can find these tools as websites that work in your phone's browser.

Is there online Spotify downloader that supports 320kbps?

As of now, there's no online website that lets you download songs from Spotify in high-quality 320kbps. The reason is, these online free Spotify downloaders usually don't capture the music straight from Spotify, but from other places like YouTube only. By that, the sound quality might not be as good. So, if you really pursue a better listening experience, it's better to use NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter, which supports 320kbps bit rate, and 44.1kHz to 192kHz sample rate.

👉👉 Differences between NoteBurner and online Spotify downloaders

Next, let's dive into some best free online Spotify to MP3 converter, available till today.

#1. - Free Spotify Playlist Downloader


With a convenient tool, Spotify downloader (link:, you can download any Spotify song offline to your device. Simply enter the link of the Spotify item you want to download and voila! You can even batch-download entire albums or playlists in a zip file. It's a truly free online Spotify playlist downloader you guys are looking for.

Unfortunately, Spotify show, Podcast and artist page links aren't supported at the moment, but this tool is still an incredible help for music lovers everywhere.

  • Free to download Spotify playlists to MP3 in batch.
  • Keep tags of title, album, year, etc.
  • Cannot analyze and download songs from Spotify podcast, show, and artist links.
  • Need to watch the advertisement before downloading your Spotify playlist zip file.
  • Downloaded Spotify file name contains its webpage name.
  • Downloaded Spotify songs are at 128kbps only.
How to free download Spotify songs to MP3 on

Step 1 Search for a Spotify song, album, or playlist , and tap on the "three dots" icon, choose "Share", then tap "Copy link".

Step 2 Insert the copied link in the space provided in and hit "Submit". Also allow some time for the process to complete.

Step 3 To save a particular song, hit the "Download" button next to it. For downloading an entire album or playlist at once, select the "Download ZIP" option.

#2. - Free Online Spotify to MP3


Want to download your favorite Spotify songs and listen offline without paying for Premium subscriptions? This SpotifyMate Spotify Downloader (link: is here to help.

This free Spotify download tool allows you to effortlessly download songs from Spotify in MP3 file format, with no additional software needed. Its website is compatible with all devices and browsers, and its PWA feature ensures the best experience possible.

  • Support to download cover photos separately.
  • Free convert Spotify to MP3 at a fast speed.
  • Keep ID3 tags, like title, artist, album, year, album art, etc.
  • Can only download songs one by one.
  • Output quality is low, about 128kbps.
  • The output audio file name contains its webpage name.
How to use to download Spotify songs freely?

Step 1 Browse and find the Spotify playlist or album that catches your eye, and select the particular song.

Step 2 Click on the icon marked with Three Dots, then choose the Share function. From there, select "Copy Song Link".

Step 3 Navigate to's Spotify, and copy the song link into the designated field that reads "Paste URL from Spotify".

Step 4 Hit the Download button on the right to start converting Spotify songs to MP3 files.

#3. - Download MP3s from Spotify Free


This Spotify Downloader (link: is here to make your life easier and seamless by allowing you to download your favorite tracks from Spotify with a free account. Like other online Spotify song downloader, just simply enter the album or track link, or even a playlist link on its webpage, and it will load all your Spotify songs available to download as MP3s.

  • Convert and save Spotify songs as MP3 files freely.
  • Keep metatags including artists, cover images, release dates, etc.
  • Download 1 Spotify song at a time.
  • Output quality is at 128kbps.
  • Output audio file name has its webpage name.
  • Unstable, sometimes it will download Spotify songs as unknown files.
How to use to download Spotify music online free?

Step 1 Find the "3 Dots" icon at the bottom of the song you like to dowload and click it. Hit "Share" and then "Copy link".

Step 2 Go to and paste that link into the box that says something like "put your link here".

Step 3 When it's ready, you’ll see a "Download" button. Click it to start downloading your song.

#4. - Spotify to MP3 Converter Free


With SpotifyDown (link:, you can convert Spotify tracks to MP3 efficiently, all while preserving the ID3 tags automatically. Plus, this Spotify music downloader will remove ads from the Spotify Free tracks as well. If you prefer streaming or owning your favorite Spotify songs, this free online Spotify converter is your perfect tool.

  • Export songs from Spotify to MP3 for free.
  • Save ID3 tags: title, album, artist, year, cover art, etc.
  • Only download 1 Spotify track each time.
  • Output Spotify audios are at 128kbps ~ 320kbps.
  • Output Spotify audio name contains its webpage name.
  • Need to watch ads for each download.
How to use to download songs from Spotify for free?

Step 1 Search for the track or album you wish to save offline. Tap on the icon represented by three dots. Select "Share" followed by the option to "Copy Link".

Step 2 Insert the link you just copied into the designated field and hit "Submit".

Step 3 Allow the process to complete, then proceed to click on the "Download" option.

#5. - Online Download Spotify Songs MP3


To help you enjoy your favorite Spotify tunes offline, SpotifyDownloader (Link: is a great online Spotify track downloader to check out. It's totally free, and it also allows you to conveniently download any Spotify songs in MP3 format and export them to all your devices, no matter PC or mobile phone. By this, you can listen to Spotify content without any restrictions, even when you don't have internet access.

  • Free download Spotify Music to MP3 at a fast speed.
  • Don't need to watch the advertisement each download.
  • Only download 2 Spotify tracks maximum at a time.
  • Keep few ID3 meta tags.
How to use online Spotify playlist downloader free?

Step 1 Obtain Spotify URL by selecting the three dots, hitting "share", and then "copy link".

Step 2 Enter the copied link into the designated area on and "Download". On the following, choose to download a whole playlist or a certain song by clicking "Download ZIP" or "Generate Download Links".

#6. - Free Spotify to MP3 Converter (Link: is a free online tool designed for downloading Spotify songs in MP3 format effortlessly. With this free Spotify Downloader, you can easily save your favorite tracks, complete with album covers, as MP3 files. Also, just simply paste the Spotify song, playlist, or album link into the provided input field on it, and then you can effortlessly download your MP3 files.

  • Free download Spotify song to MP3 quickly.
  • No advertisement prompts for each download.
  • Only download 1 Spotify song at a time.
  • Low bit rate output, around only 128kbps output.
  • Keep few ID3 meta tags.
How to free convert Spotify to MP3 on

Step 1 Access the specific Spotify playlist or album, choose the track, and hit "Share", followed by "Copy Song Link".

Step 2Insert the link you've copied into the designated text box, then press "Start" followed by "Get Download".

#7. - Spotify to MP3 Free - Spotify to MP3 Free

Spotify Downloader (Link: helps you get your favorite Spotify songs, albums, or playlists for free. You can also explore new songs, and download them in high quality, and it's all super fast and keeps your music sounding good. You don't need to download any apps or sign up for anything.

  • Parse Spotify playlist link and download Spotify songs quickly.
  • Free download Spotify music to MP3 with no extra app needed.
  • Support 320kbps output.
  • Download 1 Spotify song at a time.
  • Some ID3 meta tags missing, like Track ID, Year, etc.
How to download Spotify to MP3 free?

Step 1 Look for the Spotify song, album, or playlist you want to download, then copy the URL on Spotify Downloader.

Step 2 Hit "Search". Give it a moment to do its thing.

Step 3 Finally, just click "Download", and your Spotify MP3 downloads will begin right away.

#8. - Free Spotify/Amazon Music/YouTube Downloader spotify-download

KeepVid Spotify to MP3 Converter lets you turn Spotify songs into MP3s easily. Besides, KeepVid also has tools for downloading and converting videos and music from many websites. These tools are simple to use, so you can enjoy your favorite songs and videos offline on any device.

  • Download Spotify songs to MP3 for free.
  • No need to install an extra app.
  • Output quality is at 120kbps only.
  • Few ID3 tags are kept.
  • 1 song can be downloaded at a time.
  • Lead to another ad-website before downloading.
How to free record Spotify to MP3 on KeepVid?

Step 1 Navigate to the Spotify playlist and select "Share" and "Copy Link".

Step 2 Insert the URL you've copied into the search field and press “Start” for the link analysis.

Step 3 Select your preferred format to begin converting the file.

#9. Soundloaders - Spotify to MP3 Free

Soundloaders - Spotify to MP3 Free

Soundloaders (Link: is a website that lets you download music from Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc. It downloads MP3s from music sites so you can keep your favorite tunes to listen offline, all without needing to pay for a premium streaming subscription.

  • Download Spotify songs into MP3s for free.
  • Grab music from lots of places like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more.
  • The sound quality of the music from Spotify isn’t great, only 128kbps.
  • Doesn't always work right with Spotify links.
How to use Soundloaders Spotify Playlist Downloader Free?

Step 1 First, open Spotify on your computer or go to their website. Find the album or playlist you like, click on the three dots, pick "Share," and then "Copy link."

Step 2 Next, visit the Soundloaders Free Spotify Downloader website and put the link you copied into the box.

Step 3 Lastly, click on "Find track" to make sure it's the right song. Then, click "Download" to start downloading your song right away.

#10. - Free Spotify Video Downloader - Free Spotify Video Downloader

Keepvid also makes downloading videos from Spotify super easy. You don't need to know anything techy. Just copy the link of the video from Spotify, paste it into Keepvid, and press GO. Keepvid will show you the Spotify video results from YouTube. By that, you can download the same content from YouTube.

  • Download Spotify songs to MP3/MP4 freely.
  • No Spotify account required.
  • Download music or videos from YouTube, at low quality.
  • May not work for certain Spotify songs.
  • With ads on the website.
How to Download Spotify songs to MP3 or MP4 for free?

Step 1Simply copy the Spotify video link you want to download, paste it into Keepvid, and hit GO.

Step 2 It will then present you with download options from YouTube.

#11. - Online Spotify Podcast Downloader - Online Spotify Podcast Downloader

PasteDownload (Link: lets you easily grab and save videos, audio, and pictures from Spotify Podcasts to MP3. This means you can watch or listen to your favorite Spotify podcasts offline, whenever you want, without needing the internet. Just make sure the link you're using is right.

  • Download Spotify podcasts to MP3 for free.
  • Provides tons of free video downloaders.
  • Doesn't work with certain Spotify podcast URLs.
  • Match Spotify content and download from YouTube.
  • Lack most ID3 tags.
How to Download Spotify Podcast Songs to MP3 Free Online?

Step 1Copy the video link and put it into the download box given.

Step 2 PasteDownload will then take that link. After that, a download button will pop up with info about your Spotify podcast. Just right-click on it and select save to keep it for later.

NoteBurner vs. Free Online Spotify Downloader

When it comes to downloading music from Spotify, two popular choices you can choose from - NoteBurner Spotify Playlist Downloader (Desktop App) and Free Online Spotify Downloader (Web Page). While both options allow you to download and listen to your favorite tracks offline, there are some obvious differences to consider.

NoteBurner Spotify Playlist Downloader Spotify Playlist Downloader Online Free
Price $14.95/month Free
Output Format MP3/AAC/FLAC/
Audio Source Get songs from Spotify app, web player, YouTube From YouTube
Download Spotify Songs yes yes
Download Spotify Playlists yes
Keep Music Order
Keep Original Quality yes
Conversion Speed 10X N/A
Classify by Artist/Album yes no
Free Toolbox yes
CD Burner, ID3 Editor, Format Converter

Why Not Choose Online Free Spotify Playlist Downloaders?

Are online free Spotify playlist downloaders any good? It depends. Though they are user-friendly, free-to-use, and more convenient to download Spotify songs, it doesn't support preserving the original Spotify audio quality. Strictly speaking, they don't extract songs from Spotify in fact. If that does not matter to you, using these free tools is enough.

iconWinner: NoteBurner Spotify Playlist 320kbps Downloader

But if you pay attention to sound quality, ID3 tags preservation, and music organization ability, NoteBurner Spotify Playlist Downloader is your better choice. As you have known above, NoteBurner aims to record any Spotify playlists, while saving them to various audio formats.

The important is, this NoteBurner tool will preserve 100% quality, lyris and ID3 tags. Besides, you will also get free extra tools, like CD burner, ID3 tags editor, local audio converter, iTunes Uploader, etc. All in all, NoteBurner should be your preferred choice to convert Spotify music for more freedom.

10+ Best FREE Spotify to MP3 Converter
10+ Best FREE Spotify to MP3 Converter

Here this page you'll get the most popular free Spotify to MP3 converter to use. Besides that, you'll also get the best Spotify to MP3 320kbps downloader from NoteBurner. Learn More →


Thankfully, there are free online Spotify music downloaders that allow you to easily download Spotify music directly on a web page. However, if high-quality output sound and a stable performance are a necessity for you, NoteBurner is the best option to go for.

Note: The free trial version of NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter is limited to convert the first 1 minute of each song. You can buy the full version to unlock the limitation.

What's next? Get the full version of NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter now!

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