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Spotify Wrapped 2023 - Find & Download Top Spotify Artists

Updated on: April 22, 2024
Category: Spotify Tips

Spotify Wrapped is an annual feature that allows users to summarize and review your top favorite songs, artists, and genres of the past year. It also offers a snapshot of listening habits, overall streaming hours and other insights into your musical preferences. It's usually released in early December every year. And in this year, Spotify Wrapped was held on November 29, 2023.

See Spotify Wrapped

Part 1. How to Find Your 2023 Spotify Wrapped?

Still unaware of how to find your Spotify Wrapped predictor for 2023? Here are two methods you could find your top songs:

For Spotify App on Android or iOS Devices

Step 1 Download the latest version of Spotify app, then open it and log into your music account.

Step 2 At the upper right corner, click the "Wrapped" icon, and "Wrapped 2023".

Step 3 After that, you should find your Spotify Wrapped start showing up. Slide the screen to the left, and see your most streamed songs, artists, and playlists in 2023.

See Spotify Wrapped on phone
For Spotify WebPage on Any Browser

Step 1 Directly go to on a browser, and log into your music account.

Step 2 Then you will get into your Spotify Wrapped. The slideshow will be started automatically.

See Spotify Wrapped on web browser
There are some tips when you are watching your Spotify Wrapped:

1) On the slide of "Your Top Songs 2023 playlist", you can click "Add to Your Library" to save your top 100 songs of 2023.

2) Spotify provided "Me in 2023", showing your listening personality, like Alchemist, Shapeshifter, Fanatic, etc.

3) There's also a feature called "Sound Town", which helps you find a city that matches your music taste and connects you with fans who like similar music.

Part 2. FAQs on 2023 Spotify Wrapped

Q1: When did 2023 Spotify Wrapped stop tracking?

A: While the specific cut-off date for Spotify Wrapped 2023 was not explicitly mentioned, it seems that tracking extended after October 31. Users on a Reddit forum speculated that Spotify Wrapped could cease collecting data around November 15th. It's important to note that this information is not officially confirmed.

Q2: Does Spotify Wrapped count Private Sessions and offline listening?

A: Offline listening will be counted in your Spotify chart, top songs, and total playtime statistics. However, Private Sessions contribute only to your total listening time, excluding specific songs and artists. The content of Private Sessions doesn't influence your recommendations or contribute to your Spotify Wrapped summary.

Q3: Is Spotify Wrapped a feature only for Premium?

A: No. Spotify Wrapped is an exclusive feature for all Spotify users, both Free and Premium listeners.

Q4: How to share Spotify Wrapped results?

A: It's pretty simple to do so. After watching your Spotify Wrapped story, Spotify will give you a slide with your top songs, artists, play time and other datas. On that screen, tap "Share" to share your Spotify Wrapped result through Instagram, Facebook Message, Twitter, etc.

share Spotify Wrapped

Q5: My 2023 Spotify Wrapped not showing up? Why?

A: If your 2023 Spotify Wrapped is not showing up, try these solutions:

1) Update your Spotify app to the latest version.

2) Directly search "2023 Wrapped" on Spotify search bar to find it.

3) You can't see it on Spotify desktop app. Just open your Spotify Wrapped on browser and head to

Q6: How to find past Spotify Wrapped playlists?

A: It's a pity you cannot directly find your Wrapped stories in the previous year on the Spotify app. Spotify only provides a limited time to show your top songs in the current year.

And these specific URLs to see your past Spotify Wrapped are on longer invalid:

Note: If you didn't manually generate a Wrapped playlist in that specific year, you can't get it rightnow either.

Part 3. How to Download 2023 Spotify Wrapped Playlists to MP3

Since you have got your 2023 most-streamed artist playlist on Spotify, it's time to figure out how you could download your Spotify Wrapped playlists for listening anywhere anytime.

Here we suggest to use NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter, a useful tool used to convert any Spotify songs to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, or ALAC at 10X faster speed. Even more, this NoteBurner tool will help to download your Spotify playlists without Premium.

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Let's learn how to use NoteBurner to download your 2023 top Spotify artists to MP3, so that you could enjoy your favorite content with no restriction.

YouTube Video: How to Record Spotify Songs as MP3 File:

Step 1 Open NoteBurner Spotify Artist Downloader on your desktop.

Step 2 Open your top song playlist, then click the "Add" icon at bottom right. Choose the music song you want to download offline.

add Spotify songs to NoteBurner

Step 3 Go to the Setttings on NoteBurner, then select "MP3" output format.

Step 4 Click Convert to start downloading Spotify playlist to computer.

start converting spotify to mp3

Step 5 Once completed, you should find all your top Spotify artists are saved as MP3 files locally.

The End

The annual Spotify Wrapped arrived, which provides an overview of your music listening habits for the year. Head to your 2023 Spotify Wrapped and get your top song playlist to aftertaste.

Besides, it's advised to use NoteBurner Spotify Downloader to download your top Spotify artists to MP3, so that you can import to MP3 player, burn to CD, mix on DJs, and enjoy them with many other usages.

Note: The free trial version of NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter is limited to convert the first 1 minute of each song. You can buy the full version to unlock the limitation.