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Best Free AI Vocal Remover - Safe, Clean, & Quick

Updated on: April 30, 2024

You want to separate vocals out of songs, so that you can sing without the original singer's voice (just like at karaoke), or maybe you're a DJ and want to create your own version of music. No matter what the reason is, removing vocals from music is super easy in today's AI world.

Without further ado, here we recommend using NoteBurner AI Vocal Remover, a totally free tool to create versions of songs without the singer's voice with just one click. Give it a try and get your own music version without missing a beat!

Free AI Vocal Remover

Part 1. Why Choose NoteBurner AI Audio Splitter

NoteBurner is this cool audio recording and editing services provider, and they have launched an AI Audio Splitter, which supports to automatically separate vocals from music, preserving 320kbps high audio quality output. After conversion, you will receive two audio files – a vocal-free karaoke version and a cappella version only with voice. Importantly, NoteBurner will maintain the original quality of your music tracks. This user-friendly NoteBurner AI Vocal Splitter is well-suited for users of all levels, including those new to the scene.

streaming music recorder
 noteburner audio spliitter

Tips: This NoteBurner software can not only remove vocals from song, but also provides other excellent features:

1) Record songs from Apple Music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, or ALAC plain format. Even preserve the original sound quality for Apple Music Lossless!

2) Convert local AA/AAX audiobooks to MP3, M4A, and M4B formats easily.

3) Convert local audio music files to MP3/M4A/FLAC/WAV/OGG/AIFF format.

4) Burn music files to CD.

5) Etc.

Part 2. How to Separate Vocals from Music Free

YouTube Video: How to Separate Vocals from Music Free:

Download NoteBurner on your computer, then you will get the tool Free Vocal Remover installed as well. Here are the steps to split vocals from music songs.

Step 1 Download and install NoteBurner on computer. Then directly click into the "Tools" menu.

noteburner toolbox

Step 2 Select "AI Audio Splitter" in the toolbox, then it will need to install the AI Model elements. Please make sure your device has enough space to install them.

download ai vocal remover models

Step 3 Once installed, just drag and drop your local music files to it. Select the output format (MP3/M4A/FLAC/WAV/OGG/AIFF), quality (320kbps, 256kbps, 128kbps), and output format.

Step 4 The last step is to click the "AI Split" button and it will start removing vocals from your uploaded music.

noteburner audio vocal splitter

Check the Quality of Converted Music Files:

🎵 The original song - 320kbps

🎷🎸🎹 Audio with Instrumental - 320kbps

🧑🏻‍🎤 Audio with vocals - 320kbps

Part 3. Best Free AI Vocal Remover Online

If you don't want to download the AI Vocal Remover app, and want to split voice on the website, this part will show you some best free AI online Audio Splitters.


Vocal Remover (link:, as one of the vocal splitters, is a free web tool designed to turn any song into karaoke. Just pick a song and upload to Vocal Remover, and it will analyze and split your music song at vocals and accompaniment music. You can choose to download them as MP3 or WAV files. online remove vocals from songs
  • Split vocals from music freely.
  • User-friendly web design.
  • Take time to analyze and remove vocals.
  • Split one music track at a time.
  • Low output quality, around 240kbps.

3.2 offers a cost-free solution to extract vocals and music from any song or audio file. After that, you can create a karaoke version of your favorite tracks with ease. There's no need for software installation on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. online remove vocals from songs
  • Remove vocals from music at no cost.
  • Easy to use.
  • The website contains ads.
  • Need some time to process the removal of the vocal.
  • Only 1 file procession each time.
  • Low output quality, about 128kbps.


Here this free vocal remover (link: is perfect for music lovers, budding artists, or anyone who enjoys playing only with background tunes. Drag and drop a music song into the page, and start processing. After seconds, you will get Vocals and Instrumental separated. online remove vocals from songs
  • Free to split vocals and instrumentals online.
  • Easy-to-use tool.
  • Need to create an account to split more than 3 music files.
  • Can't save original sound quality, at 124kbps only.
Top 10+ Best FREE Vocal Remover - Separate Vocal from Songs
Top 10+ Best FREE Vocal Remover - Separate Vocal from Songs

Come here and get best 10+ free vocal remover. There should be the one that suits you most. Learn More →

Comparision: NoteBurner Vs. Online Free Vocal Remover

NoteBurner AI Audio Splitter
Cost Free Free Free Free
Output Format 6 Formats 2 Formats MP3 MP3
Clean, Ads-Free yes yes no yes
Split Vocal In Batch yes no no no
Keep Original Quality yes no no no

iconWinner: NoteBurner AI Audio Splitter - Freeware

In conclusion, NoteBurner Vocal Remover is a fantastic and free tool that makes splitting music easier. Whether you want to create karaoke tracks or play around with isolated vocals, this user-friendly tool has got you covered. It's free, quick, and maintains good quality.

Besides all that, this NoteBurner tool could even help to record and convert any Apple Music song, podcast, iTunes M4P music & audiobook to MP3 or other open-source audio format losslessly. This will expand your local digital music library instantaneously. Give it a try today and elevate your music creation experience effortlessly!