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Spotify Account Suspended May Because of the "High-speed Recording" Function

NoteBurner Spotify Converter is an easy-to-use audio recording tool to help you to save music and podcasts on Spotify. Technically speaking, NoteBurner software only records the unencrypted audio signals which are outputted to the system sound card, and the records are feasible for private use.

The US copyright law

Chapter 10: Digital Audio Recording Devices and Media

1008. Prohibition on certain infringement actions

"No action may be brought under this title alleging infringement of copyright based on the manufacture, importation, or distribution of a digital audio recording device, a digital audio recording medium, an analog recording device, or an analog recording medium, or based on the noncommercial use by a consumer of such a device or medium for making digital musical recordings or analog musical recordings."

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From the copyright law point of view, NoteBurner is available for personal use.

Spotify May Detect Users Using "High-speed" Feature and Suspend Accounts

Generally speaking, Spotify cannot distinguish whether you're listening or recording. So recording won't be undetected by Spotify.

However, Spotify generally saves for every user on their servers permanently which pieces of music they have heard and when. When choosing to record songs at a 5X or 10X faster speed on NoteBurner, Spotify can easily find out if you are using such a "high speed" function, and detect the recording action.

This may cause the accounts suspended for violating its "terms of use", which you may have been agreed to Spotify.

"It has come to Spotify’s attention that your account has engaged in unauthorized use of the Spotify Service in violation of the Terms, including possibly engaging in unauthorized content downloads".

It is noteworthy that Spotify only blocked several accounts which have used the "High Speed" recording feature. And the suspensions are not an immediate action, it also happened to users who last used NoteBurner with high-speed months ago.

Therefore, it is unfortunately possible that, although you no longer use it from now on, you may still be affected in the future.

Fortunately, Spotify kindly provides a suggestion to appeal the account back:

"If you believe this was in error, and/or regain access to your account, please reach out to Customer Service and confirm you will not engage in unauthorized content downloads from our service going forward, and we will grant access back to your account again shortly".

Independent from this issue, NoteBurner is available to record the unencrypted audio signals from the system sound card output, from point of the copyright law.

But we always recommend complying with Spotify Terms of Use which you have agreed to.

Spotify May Disable Accounts Under Other Circumstances

1. Using Someone Else’s Credit Card

One of the reasons may be why they suspect that fraudulent activity may be occurring. To be specific, if you are using a credit or debit card that isn’t in your name to pay for Spotify when the account is registered under your name, Spotify will consider it to be fraudulent and suspend your account. What's worse, Spotify will also ban the email and address linked to that account, unable to create a new account in the future.

2. Using Inappropriate Username or Playlists

If your user name or created playlists contain inappropriate language or offensive terms, Spotify may ban the account.

3. Harassing Other Users

Recently, some will spam smaller artists' playlists with reports forcing Spotify to remove their music while they sort out the complaints. This causes major problems for the artists and their true fans, so if you continue to report playlists for an unfounded reason, Spotify may ban your account.

4. Missing Too Many Payments

If you miss too many payments or the charges are declining, Spotify may ban your account and ban you from registering for a new account.

5. Having Fake Plays or Followers

If you purchase plays and followers from third-party platforms that use bots and fake accounts to increase your visibility, Spotify may ban your account.

What to Do If I Get Suspended

If you are suspended by Spotify, please follow this guide to regain your account: Spotify Suspend Account? 3 Steps to Get it Back!