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How to Download Amazon Prime Video on Laptop

How to download Amazon Prime video on a laptop? Many Amazon Prime subscribers may ask this pragmatic question because it is applicable in many situations. For example, using the laptop is convenient to present your downloaded videos or watch them with others when there’s no network connection.

To download Amazon videos on a laptop, you can use the Amazon Prime app. However, downloading this way has lots of download restrictions that complicate the download process, making it the opposite of simplicity. The downloaded videos will expire 48 hours after you start watching them, and it's maddening to find that the download has expired when you need them. These restrictions hinder you from watching Amazon videos offline anytime you want.

If you’re looking for an easier way to download Amazon videos without download restrictions on the laptop, don’t miss the amazing Amazon Video downloader.

download amazon video after subscription ends

Tool Required: NoteBurner Amazon Video Downloader

It is convenient to download with NoteBurner Amazon Video Downloader, a handy tool for saving any Amazon Prime videos. You can save Amazon Prime series and movies in the most compatible format MP4 and MKV, which will not expire even after your subscription ends. You can customize the video output quality (240P to 1080P), thus you can watch HD-quality videos offline on your laptop or any other device. Besides, it is available to keep multilingual subtitles and audio tracks with 5.1 Dolby surround sound. Moreover, you can extract subtitles and audio tracks as separate files if needed. NoteBurner will help you download Amazon Prime videos in batches at a fast speed. Both Windows laptops and MacBooks are available to download this app.

amazon video downloader
Features of Amazon Video Downloader:
  • Download Amazon TV serials, TV shows, movies, etc.
  • Support downloading Amazon video in HD quality.
  • Save audio tracks and subtitles automatically.
  • Outstanding performance & fast speed.
  • Flexible and easy-to-use.
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Free upgrade & technical support.

Tutorial: How to Download Amazon Prime Video on laptop?

The following is a step-by-step tutorial about the way of downloading Amazon videos using a laptop. It is recommended to install NoteBurner on your end first. 

1 Log into Your Amazon Account

Run NoteBurner Amazon Prime Video Downloader on your laptop. Open the program, enter any word into the search bar, and a window will be activated to let you sign into your Amazon account. 

login amazon

2 Choose Output Settings

To match your preferences, you can customize the output settings. Video format, video quality (from Low to High), output folder, audio language, subtitle type, etc. can be selected.

customize output settings

3 Search the Video

There are two ways to find the video you want to download. You can either type the video's name into the search bar or copy and paste the video's link there. All related results will be listed in seconds.

Tips: It is advised that you verify the official website to see if the video can be played. The videos won't be available to download if the video can't be played.

add video

4 Customize Advanced Settings

In this step, you can customize the settings in the Advanced Download window.

You can select the titles and seasons in the pop-up window that appears after clicking the start downloading icon for downloading a TV show. After that, click the “Advanced Download” button in the bottom left corner, and you can select the video quality, audio track, and subtitles.

If you want to download a movie, click the advanced download icon icon to open the Advanced Download window and choose the same Download options as downloading a TV show.

advanced download

5 Download Amazon Prime videos

The final step is to click the Download icon to start downloading. The video you choose will be downloaded to the output folder you set in step 2 at a lightning speed. Once the video is downloaded, you can check the video by selecting the Library icon. To locate the video, you can click the file icon to find the MP4/MKV files locally. 

download amazon video

You can now enjoy the downloaded videos on your laptop or transfer them to other devices for offline viewing. All devices compatible with MP4/MKV can be used for playing the downloads, whether it be TVs, desktops, or mobile devices. 

Final Word

If you are finding an easy-to-use downloader for Prime video, you can pick NoteBurner. The interface of it is simple and clear, and there are no ads within the program. Besides, downloading via this app will not be affected by the restrictions of Amazon Prime. Once you download series or movies from Amazon, the downloads will not expire or disappear even if Amazon cancel them since they are stored on your laptop as local files.

Additionally, there is no limit to the download amount. You can download more than 15 titles (depending on your region) once. So using NoteBurner can bring more benefits for you.

Note: Please purchase a license to download the entire video; the trial version only supports downloading the first five minutes of each video. It is advised to download the trial version and test it out before making a payment.