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How to Fix Failed 2001-2005?

When your program NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter states "Failed 2001-2005", it means your program encountered errors like query no match, query failure, download failure under "YouTube Download" conversion mode.

Following will be the discussion on how to avoid Failed 2001-2005:

Firstly, we are sorry to inform you that the Failed 2001-2005 on your program can not be solved currently. Please try the other conversion modes on the program setting and we suggest you to use "Spotify Record" as conversion mode.

setting on error 2001-2005

If above solutions still cannot resolve your problems, please provide the following information to our support team via support [at] noteburner.com (replace [at] with @ before sending message). We will submit your feedback to our developer and inform you if the solution is available.

  • Which version of Spotify are you using?
  • Which Windows OS are you using? 32 bits or 64 bits?
  • Please also send us all log files for our analysis. You can find them by going to the NoteBurner program, Menu > Open Log File.