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Inside Out 2015 Review - One of Pixar's Very Best

Inside Out

After the uninspired "Brave" and the lazy sequels to "Cars" and "Monsters Inc", it seemed that Pixar had transferred its talent to Disney and vice versa. But the new Pixar movie Inside Out has done a good job. It is as bizarre, imaginative and authentically psychedelic as anything produced in mainstream animation. Robbie Collin once reviewed the movie as a humane and heart-wrenchingly beautiful film; even measured alongside Pixar’s numerous great pictures, it stands out as one of the studio’s very best.


Riley, a young girl, leads a pretty good life with her loving parents. But things get changed when she is uprooted from her Midwest life and moves to San Francisco. She needs her emotions - joy, fear, sadness, disgust, and anger to guide her through her new school, new people, and new life. But, an accident involving Riley's happy memories changes her entire outlook. Joy and Sadness need to find her memories and return them from the Headquarters before its too late.

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Emotions Character

Fear Sadness Anger
Joy: Actress Amy Poehler embodies the bubbly character of Joy. She's that little voice inside your head who's always giggling and bouncing with abundant happiness. Disgust: Mindy Kaling plays Disgust with a sign, a groan and an eye roll. Don't even try to please her – she'll just make a gagging sound and walk away. Fear: The panicky, paranoid character of Fear is played by Bill Hader, who is now shaking and scared, hoping you’ll just leave him alone. Sadness: Phyllis Smith plays the downtrodden and depressed Sadness, a character who is always blue, inside and out. Anger: You'd better stay out the way of Anger, played by Lewis Black, because he is so mad right now, that he's red-faced and his hair is on fire.

Where to Buy the Movie Inside Out?

Inside Out coming home on Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere October 13, 2015 & Blu-ray November 3, 2015.

Inside Out on iTunes: $19.99 Buy HD | $5.99 Rent HD

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Inside Out - Official US Trailer

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