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Review: What have been Improved in Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

If you are one of those phablet fans who pay more attention to the smart phones with large size and big screen, you must have heard of the Samsung Galaxy Note which is famous as the first big screen smart phone series in the world. Now Samsung has just upgrade the Galaxy Note series to the version three – that is to say, the new Galaxy Note 3 has just been unveiled at technology trade show IFA in Berlin, alongside the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch and a 10.1-inch Galaxy Note 10.1.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Similar to the previous version one of the Note series, the Galaxy Note 3 is expected to take the place of Galaxy Note 2 and become the new flagship phablet of Samsung. The screen size of the new Galaxy Note 3 has been improved to the 5.7 inches while that of the Note 2 is 5.5 inches.

The new Galaxy Note 3 features a design with extremely slimmer bezels and sharper angles on its rounded edges. It’s thinner than its predecessor and lighter (168g), despite offering a larger screen at 5.7-inches. It also offers more battery life than the Galaxy Note 2, and there’s a new and improved S Pen, too. Plus it supports faster, and more “seamless LTE” with multi-band support.

The camera has 4K video recording capabilities with a new CRI LED flash that should improve low-light photography. Samsung claims nearly four more hours of battery life when playing back video, and performance in general during normal use should also extend battery by up to 40 percent over the previous generation.

Samsung was emphasizing craftsmanship with the Galaxy Note, which features a stitched leather rear cover (available in black, white and pink). It also has a metallic rim running around the edge, and there’s a flip wallet accessory available in 10 different colors that also features a larger S View window cover for checking messages, making calls and accessing more info at a glance without having to activate the whole display.

Detail Specs Comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 2:

Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy Note 2

Extending Reading: How to Transfer and Enjoy iTunes movies on Galaxy Note 3?

With more powerful GPU and rather larger screen, Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 may attract a group of people who like enjoying HD movies on their portable devices like smart phones and tablets. 5.7 inches screen will make you much more comfortable to watch 1080p or 720p HD movies on Galaxy Note 3. And it also has the ability to decode and display the HD videos in many formats including MP4, MOV, AVI and so on.

However, there are many people who purchase and download the HD movies from iTunes Store. And the iTunes movies are protected by DRM, as a result of which, they can only transfer the iTunes purchased HD movies among Apple devices. That is to say, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is not able to play iTunes M4V videos directly.

The best way to watch iTunes HD movies on Galaxy Note 3 is to remove DRM from iTunes M4V movies so that you can freely play them on any video players or devices include Galaxy Note 3. NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus (For Mac & For Windows) is the best iTunes DRM video removal tool and iTunes movie to Galaxy Note 3 converter which helps you easily convert iTunes DRM HD movies to unprotected video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPEG4 and etc for playing on Android phones and tablets including Galaxy Note 3.

Tips: You can also view the tutorial: How to Transfer iTunes Movie to Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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