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What can I do if I get the message "Invalid Code" when trying to register?

If you received this kind of message, it may due to below issues:

1. You have entered a wrong E-mail or code on the register tab.

You need to check the register E-mail and code on the registration information email received from NoteBurner. Then take our advice - copy and paste the registration information onto the tab to register the program.

Note: From NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter for Windows V2.1.3 (Mac V2.0.8) and later versions, NoteBurner only supports registration E-mail and code to unlock the program shortly after payment. But if you have purchased the versions before iTunes DRM Audio Converter for Windows V2.1.3 (Mac V2.0.8), the previous registration name and code are still valid. You can input the registration name to E-mail window after you upgrading iTunes DRM Audio Converter to the latest version.

2. The program you are attempting to register is not the one you purchased.

As for this case, you need to check the full name of the program to see if it is the exact program you want. NoteBunrer provides with seven pieces of different products. You can view our product page to get full information about them. Please note, M4V Converter Plus is not the same as M4V Converter. If you have downloaded an incorrect program, the register code will be invalid as a result. To resolve this problem, you can check your order receipt and then go to our download center to download the correct one you have purchased.

3. The username contains an illegal character.

NoteBurner programs only supports English Name as the register name to unlock the program. So, if the name you entered when you are filling the blanks of the order detail information contains non-English characters, you will be failed to register the program. To resolve this problem, you need to contact our support team to get a new register code. Before then, you need to provide with the order ID and the new name you want to be used as the register name.

Haven't resolved your problem after trying above methods? Feel free to contact us via Email: