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No Virtual CD Burner? Can't Load iTunes External Library!

virtual cd burnerAs a powerful M4P to MP3 music converter for Mac, NoteBurner M4P Converter for Mac can convert purchased iTunes DRM protected M4P, M4B, M4A music files to plain MP3, AAC and WAV formats ready for use on any mobile music player, such as iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone, regular MP3 player, MP4 player, etc. But sometimes, you may encounter with some unexpected problems, like no virtual CD burner can be found, or no external library can be loaded, etc. Don't worry. The following article will take one user's tech support as an example to show you the simple ways to resolve the "no virtual CD burner" and "no iTunes external library" problems. (C for Customer, and A for Agent.)

C: Hi there, I have two questions here:

virtual burner1. Can't find virtual CD burner.
My NoteBurner M4P Converter for Mac will not work anymore. It says I have to install the virtual CD burner. I don't know where it has gone and how to install it.

2. Can't load iTunes external library.
I just can't get the demo iTunes DRM converter to find the iTunes library cause it's on a huge external drive. How can I get it to see that external library? My normal internal drive can't hold 150,000 songs. So I had to move the iTunes library to that external one.

Thanks for any help. Please help me out. I have over 6000 purchased DRM songs, so I think NoteBurner iTunes converter will be great but it will not let me do any conversion. It says library can not be found when i try "add".

A: Dear customer, please don't worry. To fix the problems you mentioned, please simply follow the tips below:

1. Regarding to the virtual CD burner issue, it is because NoteBurner M4P Converter for Mac is for 32bit OS. So it doesn't work on 64bit OS. Please simply go to Mac M4P Converter to download the trial version of Mac M4P Converter and register it with the same code for NoteBurner M4P Converter to make it a full version.

2. Regarding to the external library problem, please open iTunes and immediately hold down the 'Option' key, there will be a pop-up window asking you to choose the iTunes library. You can then select the external library which contains the songs you want to convert with NoteBurner M4P Converter for Mac.

C: Thanks! That worked! Everything works fine now.

Top Tips

So if you are using NoteBurner M4P Converter and can't find virtual CD burner or load iTunes external library, please refer to the resolutions mentioned above, that are, going ahead to download Mac M4P Converter or launch iTunes and immediately hold down the 'Option' key to choose iTunes library manually.

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If you are running Windows OS, please refer to NoteBurner Audio Converter for Windows for more information.

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