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No Files in Output Foler & Can't Find the Virtual CD RW?

If you are the NoteBurner Audio Converter for Win user, you may encounter the following problems. Here we will provide you the common solutions to those FAQs.

virtual cd burnerQ1: No files in output folder?
I'm using NoteBurner M4P Converter for Windows to convert some DRM protected iTunes music files to MP3 format so that I can play the songs on my Android tablet. It worked great in the past, but now when the conversion is completed I came to the output folder just found nothing there. What's going wrong? How to fix it?

Q2: The registration code in invalid?
I'm running Windows 7 PRO, 64 bit, the latest iTunes and the latest version of NoteBurner M4P Converter for Windows. I have the reg code and I have to reinstall the program after updating to a new computer. But when I enter the code, it said the code is invalid, why? Please help!

Q3: No virtual CD burner can be found?
To whom it may concern, I installed NoteBurner M4P Converter for Win successfully and registered it, and I followed the tutorial on how to convert iTunes M4P songs to MP3, I could not find the virtual CD burner? How to solve the problem?

A: If you have the same problems mentioned above, please follow the suggestions below to fix the problems.

1). Please first follow the tips below to uninstall the program completely
Please firstly exit the program. You can right-click on the icon, which is located at the right-bottom corner of the screen, of NoteBurner and then choose Exit.
After you exit the program, please choose "Start> All Programs> NoteBurner>Uninstall"
NoteBurner to uninstall the program.
If NoteBurner is not successfully uninstalled, Please right-click on Computer(XP: My computer) and click properties, open Device Manager and then find an item called SCSI and RAID Controllers to unfold it. You can find NoteBurner is under NoteBurner Virtual CD-RW SCSI Controller, and please right-click on it to choose Uninstall to remove the program.
2). Please run as administrator to reinstall the latest version
After you uninstall it completely and download the latest version by clicking NoteBurner M4P Converter for Windows, then please go to the location where stores NoteBurner setup files, and find this file: NoteBurner.exe, right click it, choose run as adminisrator to reinstall it.
3). Run as administrator to run it
Please run as administrator to run NoteBurner, then follow the steps on our website to convert iTunes m4p songs.

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If you are running Mac OS, please refer to NoteBurner Audio Converter for Mac for more information.

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