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Guide on Spliting Files

How to split files

With NoteBurner Audiobook Converter for Mac, you can split the audiobook file to several small pieces during converting, and the below methods will show you how to set before converting:

Step 1:  Set split settings

Click Split button and check the Split during converting checkbox.

split files

Method 1:  Split according to the duration with different units, such as Minute(s) or Hour(s), the default value is 30 mins.

Method 2:  Split according to the numbers of segments, the default value is 2 segments.

Method 3:  Split according to the chapters.

Before splitting by chapters, you need to set accessibility in Mac preferences. And setting accessibility in Mac preferences on Mac OS 10.9.x is different from Mac OS earlier.

1. Select the option Split by chapters on Mac OS 10.9.x or later, then you will see the following dialog popup.

Then click Open System Preferences button and click the lock icon to make changes in the Security & Privacy window. Then Select the Accessibility in the left side area and check the app checkbox on the Privacy pane.

2. Select the option Split by chapters on Mac OS 10.8.x or earlier, then you will see the following dialog popup.

Keep chapters

Then click Open Universal Access Preference button and check the Enable access for assistive devices checkbox in the Universal Access window.

universal access


1. The Split by chapters option only works on the original file with the chapters.

2. If you have already checked the Enable access for assistive devices checkbox, there will be no window pops up when you set Split by chapters option.

Step 2:   Convert split files

Check the split files and Click Convert button. After the conversion finished, the number of split files displays on the list and the segments can be played in sequence.