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How to Burn Spotify Music to CDs

My friend’s birthday will come soon, I just made a playlist of his favorite tracks in Spotify, I want to burn these tracks to a CD and send them to him as a personalized gift. Is there any way to remove DRM for Spotify music and burn them to a CD?

It is well-known that all of Spotify music is protected by DRM to restrict digital tracks from being transferred to many devices for enjoying. Even the Premium subscription removes advertisements and limits. And the Premium user also allows unlimited mobile usage, as well as offline and online access to playlists. But if they really love an album or playlist, and want to burn tracks to a CD, or keep it forever, they will also be limited by DRM. Here the article will teach you how to burn Spotify Music to CDs.

1. What do You Need to Burn Spotify Music to CDs?

spotify to cd

  • A Mac computer: Your Mac computer must have a disc drive that can burn discs.
  • A blank CD: You can choose a CD-RW or CD+RW disc which can be written to multiple times.
  • Disc-burning software: You can burn a CD of your music or playlist by using readily available software, such as iTunes. If you want a more professional program, you can try Any Video Converter Ultimate.
  • A Spotify music converter: Spotify music is encoded with DRM; you can’t burn them directly to a CD. You need to own unrestricted music or playlist, meaning music without any DRM copyright restrictions. So a powerful Spotify music converter is needed.

Sidify Music Converter for Spotify is a professional Spotify music converter, which can help Mac users legally remove DRM from Spotify songs and playlists, and convert all your Spotify songs and playlists to plain MP3, AAC or WAV at 5X faster speed with 100% original quality. In this way, you can freely stream Spotify music on any of your device offline, MP3 player, car player, or burn to a CD. The following tutorial will tell us how to make it happen. Please download this useful tool on your Mac computer first before getting started.

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2. Tutorial on How to Burn Spotify music to CDs

Step 1. Remove DRM from Spotify Music

Open Sidify Music Converter for Spotify and Spotify application would be opened automatically with it. Then add Spotify music or playlist to it. You can customize output format as MP3, WAV or AAC by clicking the setting button on the top-right interface. After the above setting, click "CONVERT" button to start converting Spotify music. After converting, the output folder will be open automatically. Or you can click the History button on the top-right interface to find the converted music.

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start conversion

Step 2. Import the DRM-free Spotify Music to iTunes Playlist

Launch iTunes and choose File > Add to Library, locate the converted Spotify music, and open it. Then create a new iTunes Playlist by choosing File > New > Playlist. To add items, drag them to the playlist, in the sidebar on the left side of the iTunes window.

itunes setting

Step 3. Burn the New Added Playlist to A CD

Insert a blank CD and select the playlist you want to burn in iTunes, and then right click the playlist. In the drop down list, select "Burn Playlist to Disc". And there will a window pops up to allow you selecting a disc format. Then click "Burn" to start burning Spotify Music to CD.

burn to cd

After completing the above steps, your CD will be successfully made; you can enjoy the music of it freely and send to your friend as a special gift.

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