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Product Reviews

  • John Hostetter



    I am very pleasantly surprised how much faster the program is. It is covering each TV show in only a few minutes.

  • Becky Watson



    I’ve had NoteBurner now for over a year and have loved it. It works great!

  • Luis Vega



    First of all, thank you so very much for your product! It seems quite a very valuable tool! Thanks again for the awesome software you produced!

  • Karyn Matthews



    I own a license for NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus for Macintosh. I use it primarily to convert purchased iTunes movies to be played on an iPhone 6S that connects wirelessly to a Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2 server. I do this most often while traveling and often connect the iPhone to a TV in a hotel room with an HDMI cable. This allows me to watch the movie on the room’s TV.

  • Danny White



    I love M4V Converter Plus for Mac. I use it frequently to not only provide maximum access to purchased DRM protected video content, but also to be able to pull out excerpts from these files to use in presentations as well. This is the simplest tool of this kind that I have ever tried, and, better yet, it works every time exactly how I expect it to.

  • Jonathan Hunt



    I have the NoteBurner M4V Plus software and I am absolutely thrilled with it. I have had it for a few years and it has never let me down.

  • ‎Paskis Robinson‎



    I was worried about buying. But support replied within 24h to reassure me, and my activation key worked first time, and is converting a video right now.. so looking good, thanks NoteBurner!

  • Bill Pittman



    The new update works like a champ. Thank you very much for your swift response.

  • Stephen Meyers



    Your program is otherwise very easy to use, and the conversion results are quite good. Thanks for your quick response to the previous problem. Have a great day!

  • Iamdorian



    With over 5 years of use, continual updates at no cost to me and responsive development team (my questions usually get answered within 24 hours), there is nothing I can say but positive things about they app. Is $50.00 a lot of money? No, not when you need decrypted backup files of your m4v movies, it's a very reasonable price to pay IMO.
    I am a 29-year Mac user and a pretty competent tech, a video professional and someone who understands most of what's "under the cover" of video and audio codecs and conversion technology...NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus program has my UNSOLICITED and absolute recommendation. Highly recommended as the only viable M4V video decryption I know of on the Mac. 10 stars!

  • albeed2554



    With the program, I can keep my rental TV shows for a long time and share these sources with my friends. Also, it helps me save a large number of money. Thank you so much!

  • Frank Lansburg



    Thank you so much for your quick reply and that did in fact work. hopefully this will be a permanent fix, as I absolutely love using your program! I save tons of money on movies and can watch them on all of my devices. I will definitely recommend your program to friends and family. thanks again for the quick response and I do hope I can enjoy NoteBurner for years to come!

  • Shirley X



    That's true that not every DRM removal has Mac version. Currently, NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus for Mac is the best one I ever found. Also I tried the Windows version. Both of them are amazing. Convert iTunes movies faster and better than other converters. I give you 10 stars!

  • Robert Hedin



    The SD iTunes video converted by NoteBurner actually looks better and smoother, more film-like, than the original compressed iTunes video. The original video has some video artifacts that get smoothed out by NoteBurner. Great software to be able to play iTunes videos, anywhere.

  • Inik



    There are plenty of easier to use, cheaper and more feature-rich utilities to convert movies. Where this program distinguishes itself is in its ability to convert DRM-protected movies bought and rented from the iTunes store. Once you buy or rent a movie, this can convert it into something you can play on non-Apple devices.

  • SeeS3394



    Downloaded NoteBurner for backing-up my iTunes M4V. The output quality is excellent. In version 3.3.0, there is a little problem in the audio. I contacted the support team. They reacted fast to my feedback and soon release version 3.3.1 to fix the problem. Then I purchased program with no doubt. I really feel lucky for having this product.

  • Eric Schwartz



    NoteBurner is my favorite and is the only product I purchased that actually works I wish it was the first product i Bought. Your product is the only one that actually takes the drm away. All these other product I purchased don't work at all. Notburner is the best!!!