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Product Reviews

  • Jos Massop



    I have converted one of my playlist to AAC high quality files. This went very successful. Thank you for this nice program!!

  • Henrik Ahlgren



    I must say I really appreciate your software. When I switched to Apple music around 3500 of my songs where ”hi jacked” and DRM protected. Since then I only could play them in iTunes and not any other program. Your software has resolved my problem and I can now opt out from Apple music and my music is “free” again.

  • Chuck Roberts



    What a great product!! I purchased it last evening, and I’m so excited. Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback. Your software is so great, that I’m optimistic that my observations may be given serious consideration.

  • Austin Kernahan



    NoteBurner Is an awesome new software that allows you to convert Apple Music in MP3 files and much more! I am very happy to find an app that will allow me to further my practices with Mixing music as I have been unable to sync Apple Music with my DJ Programs UNTIL NOW! NoteBurner has an simple interface that is extremely user friendly and takes only seconds to convert your first file! This software is a must for anyone who is looking to convert their Apple Music files into MP3 for use in videos, music programs and much, much more! Please check them out and contact them for any further questions about their great product!

  • Mike Page



    I purchased your software and am very happy with it, so far. It does exactly what you advertise it to do.

  • Richard Bradshaw



    I love NoteBurner and the new updates work amazingly well.

  • Richard Bradshaw



    Hello there, I just purchased iTunes DRM Audio Converter, I love it and I am pleased that it converts all my music into an open folder! It makes life so much easier.

  • Catalin Chelariu



    NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter is an efficient app that offers a quick method of saving iTunes songs on your Mac. It is very novice-friendly and can convert files to MP3 or AAC.

  • Jesse Green



    NoteBurner's iTunes DRM Audio Converter software is an easy way for responsible users like myself to unlock my paid music into the new digital world. I can free up my content to all my computers and devices, share with the family members in my household that are either to young or to old to have an iTunes account. I can make a mix CD for my band, the kids and just not be bothered by iTunes asking me to input my password at random times.
    Thank you Noteburner for allowing me a moral and ethical way to use my content to it's full potential.

  • João Victor Rodrigues



    NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter is the best program I've ever seen to convert Apple Music songs to mp3.